For Your Guests


Contact the visitor center for assistance in planning your out of town guests free time. We can provide you with brochures, itineraries or help with planning group tours of historic sites.

Time In-Between

If there will be a lengthy break between your “I dos” and the reception, or if your ceremony is late in the day, try to come up with a game plan. During a lull, some people won’t mind going back to the hotel and kicking back. But others may be interested in touring the area. If guests will have the morning free, suggest a game of golf at Belle Meade Country Club or a visit to McDuffie Museum. With lots of spare time between the main events, you could organize a special tour for your group at Hickory Hill or White Hills Herb Farm.

Evening Entertainment

Leading up to the main event, you may have plenty to fuss over, but out-of-town guests may not. Don’t leave them in the lurch with nothing to do. If many guests are showing up the night before the ceremony, suggest ways they can stay amused while you hold the rehearsal dinner. Ask a friend or relative to host a gathering like a backyard barbecue or pizza party to help guests get to know one another. Or arrange to have everyone meet together at a restaurant or bar. For guests who like to entertain themselves, be sure to pick up a roster of local dining and shopping from the visitor center as a thoughtful gesture.

Surprise Treats
Comfort the jet-lagged and travel-weary with a little something left in their hotel rooms. Imagine their delight — walking into their temporary living quarters and discovering wonderful local treats such as Chinaberry cheesestraws, culinary herbs from White Hills Herb Farm or soaps and lotions from Shakerock Farm.

Create welcome packets of relevant information (phone numbers of the families of the bride and groom, the names of the other guests staying at the hotel, nearby hot spots to check out, maps or directions to the venues) to leave in guests’ rooms with another copy of your wedding itinerary, plus local brochures and sightseeing maps.

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